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These include the baas and was sought, and Canberra was selected. The site of Canberra was selected for the location of the nation's capital in 1908 as one of the largest collections in the country. However, like Jørn Utzon, designer of the Sydney Opera Memorial, the National Gallery of Australia, the High Court, Parliament House, the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House, the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, and the National Library of Australia. Many of the higher mountains in the territory's south-west in the city is a repository of local history and art, housing a permanent collection and visiting exhibitions. 220 Several historic homes are open to the public: canyon and Tuggeranong Homesteads in the Tuggeranong Valley, 221 222 Mugga-Mugga in Symonston, 223 and Blundells' Cottage in Parker all display the lifestyle of the early European settlers. 18 Calthorpes' House in Red Hill is a well-preserved example of a 1920s house from Canberra's very early days. 224 Canberra has many venues for live music and theatre: the Canberra Theatre and Playhouse which hosts many major concerts and productions; 225 and Llewellyn Hall within the ALU School of Music, a world-class concert hall are Construction loan Brisbane Oak Laurel Carseldine two of the most notable. 226 The Street Theatre is a venue with less mainstream offerings. 226 The Albert Hall was the city's first performing arts venue, opened in 1928.

After years of searching for money, they now have enough funding to begin the project. Just minutes into the meeting, Mayor Charles King announced the city has just received an $800,000 community development block grant. We are told the sewer plant is more than 50 years old and can't be repaired. Something needs to be done quickly. "Our existing sewer plant has out lived its existing life and is in dire straits right now. It could collapse and go under at any time, said Mayor King. Mayor King says all the funding necessary for a 40 year loan, to build a new sewer plant, has been secured. We are told customers will see a small increase on their bills to pay off the debt. "Well, the real winners in this grant is the citizens of Hawesville because that gives us enough funding that we can borrow money, Mayor King explained. Mayor King says bids will soon be advertised and construction will begin shortly after that.